I Love This

Written by ryan on

I love that I get to do this.  Here's what I mean.

I've done nothing to earn these gifts, this personality, or this spiritual equipment.  It's always just been a part of me, and now I get to use it to honor God and invite people to know and experience Him.

I feel so blessed to be able to stand in front of any group of people, and proclaim to them and with them that God is good, that we are made new in Jesus, and that the Holy Spirit stands ready to empower our lives.  I'm honored to see hearts open and transform before Him, perhaps even reaching out to Him in a new way.  I'm ever grateful to partner with such talented and passionate musicians in creating art together.  I'm humbled to be able to join my voice with theirs and our congregation's in a great chorus before our God.

Before I knew Christ, I was a guy who could play some songs.  But now, by the beckoning of the Holy Spirit, I get to be part of something so much bigger.  Something eternal.  Something beyond.

I'm so grateful.  I love that I get to do this.

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