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Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

For plenty of years I worked on my own
Saving my money to buy me a home
Worked my own hours and at my own pace
Saw what I wanted as my mind creates.

I thought it was time to settle things down
So I Gathered my money to see what's around
With what I had earned, working on my own
I could barely afford a place to call home.

But You Found me there
And told me what life was for
Now I know and now I'll show
That You have taken me...from my house to Yours

With floors made of silver and windows of gold
I live in a kingdom where life is controlled
He makes sure I'm happy, and gives what I need
He calms all my worries, and makes me so free.

From a house without ceilings and a house without floors
You gave me Your healing and opened my doors
From my life without meaning and a life without truth
You've kept me believing, believing in You.

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